A downloadable Dumb Attempt of a Game

Planet Earth will be a game set in the periods from the Pre-Paleolithic to the Interstellar Era. Starting in the Miocene, where you play a specimen of the Ardipithecus Ramidus species, and you can evolve to become an Australopithecus, Homo Habilis, or some variation of hominid species, different enough to be considered a unique species.

The evolutionary tree will be the base of the game, since in it you will get the necessary characteristics to adapt to your environment.

When you reach a certain point the evolutionary tree will not change much in your species, so you will have to make multiple tools and strategies.

 You will have the ability of making a group with your own species, they will follow you and help you. Not only will your group exist but other groups of different species will exist next to yours. You can cooperate with these groups, or you can attack them.

Multiple prehistoric species will live with you, which you can hunt and will hunt you.
Life outside the planet where you originated will exist, being simple, multicellular or sentient life.

I plan to add things like:

Surviving in a world with species like the Paleoparadoxia or the D. Gaimanensis

Advancing from an arboreal species to today civilization

Making tools to get resources easily

A skill tree with abilities like bipedalism, tool making and language

And more

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